Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Brown Crystal Earrings £3.72 (here) | Yellow Antidote Long Sleeve £11.60 (here) | Black Oversized | Bomber Jacket £30.34 (here) | Black Grommeted Belt £6.00 (here) | Blue Wide Leg Jeans £15.13 (here) 

Hey guys!

So for today's video I have a HUGE haul for you guys! I've been on the hunt for some killer spring pieces but couldn't find anything in store so I ended up online and decided to try Yesstyle. I usually get all my Korean skincare from Yesstyle and I've heard wonderful things about their clothing so I went ahead and did a GIGANTIC shop and ended up spending around £250 lol. If you'd like to see what I got then click here or on the video below to watch!

As always all items are linked in this blog post!

Brown Crystal Earrings £3.72 (here)
Burnt Orange Jumper £31.10 (here)
Blue Wide Leg Jeans £15.13 (here)

Clear Crystal Earrings £3.72 (here)
Mens Black & White Stripe Poloneck £23.49 (here)
Embroidered Trousers £15.13 (here)

Clear Crystal Earrings £3.72 (here)
Yellow Cardigan £14.57 (here)
Black & White Stripe Poloneck £7.23 (here)
Embroidered Trousers £15.13 (here)

Pink Flower Earrings £3.58 (here)
White Jumper £22.91 (here)
Cream Jumper £26.54 (here)
Grey Fleece Lined Trousers £16.99 (here)
Brown Trousers £13.79 (here)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Saima x



  1. Hello. All this looks very nice and natural on you, but I now have a really difficult situation with finances and I have to spend credit on various things here on this site. I also like your blogs and I also want to dress nicely.

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