Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Hey guys!

The summer sale is here and boy oh boy is it difficult restraining myself in stores. In today's post I'll be sharing my top 10 summer sale picks from a few of my favourite stores! All items will be linked so you can easily click & shop or check out what else is on sale!
1. Zara Cropped Jeans £5.99 (click here to shop) When Zara says its a sale they mean SALE! They've always got the best deals on the best clothing not only in Zara Women but also Zara Men. I absolutely love these jeans and think they'd look great with anything! Blazer, converse, cat printed shirt, you name it.

2. ASOS Hot Pink Denim Jacket £21.99 (click here to shop) Okay so recently I've been super into coloured denim despite only owning blue, black and white so far. But I have been dying to get my hands on some coloured denim and this jacket is the PERFECT way to start my collection. Pair this jacket with matching skinny jeans, white high neck top and vans and you're ready to go. It's always super easy to build outfits with pieces like these, you can literally throw it with anything and it'll make your look POP!
3. Mango Pinstripe Blazer £29.99 (click here to shop) Pinstripes are my JAM, they look so classy and elegant! This blazer is giving me all kind of amazing vibes. Because it's got a wrap around belt you can use it to add some shape, switch it for a different belt for a pop or take it off entirely for a loose masculine look. You could even add some pins & iron on patches here and there to give it a British punk vibe if you get what I mean?

4. Mango Chalk Stripe Trousers (click here to shop) These are the matching trousers which look great alone or paired with the jacket. I love d-ring belts so I really loved these trousers, it's got me feeling classy & kpop.
5. Mango Bead Flared Trousers £29.99 (click here to shop) I've seen a few statement trousers here and there but DAMN these ones have it all. These are only £29.99 which is hard to believe since they look like they're £500+ Clothing with simple silhouettes, neat stitching and attention to detail always look expensive af. So if you wanna look boujie on a budget, these should be on your list! 

6. ASOS Sister Mary Jane Blouse £33.00 (click here to shop) This is probably one of the most expensive items on my list but I just had to include it. The bright orange & lace up details were calling me! It's classy and edgy all in one.
7. H&M Belted Coat £19.99 (click here to shop) It seems a little weird to find a coat in the summer sale but hey I'm not complaining! Autumn is right round the corner so you'll be needing a new coat soon so check out the sales to see what you find. I managed to pick up the most amazing oversized coat in Zara Men for just £9.99!!! Besides that I managed to find this beautiful one in H&M which is a classic, it's got a beautiful fit with a belt that'll add some shape so it's perfect for all body shapes!

8. H&M Buckle Boots £18.99 (click here to shop) OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! These boots literally have me in AWE, the heel, the beautiful pointed toe & and circle buckle. I think I might actually cry, I've been looking for the perfect Autumn/Winter boot and I think I've finally found it.
9. New Look Frill Hem Skirt £7.99 (click here to shop) I feel like midi skirts don't get a lot of love but they should do! This one is cut so perfectly it'll drape around your body in such a gorgeous way, it hugs your hips ever so slightly and then flares out to give you some drama!

10. Forever21 Woven Bag £10.00 (click here to shop) I don't always go into Forever21 and hardly ever check their website - don't get me wrong they have some lovely things but they just have TOO MANY things which takes me ages to go through. Luckily I managed to find this bargain pretty quickly, its a lovely sunny yellow woven bag thats perfect for right now! I am in love with woven bags and any kind of bag that looks like a shopping bag or basket so my eyes instantly lit up when I saw this! Imagine it paired with a long summer dress and some nice strappy sandals, or a floral shirt with light blue jeans. Or even the New Look skirt, the colours & cut would look DEVINE together!

That's all I have for you for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you'd like me to do this more often because my eyes are always on the sale lol

Love, Saima ♥



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