Thursday, 6 July 2017


Hey guys!

So you guys know I'm a HUGE fan of the Ardell Demi Wispy lashes and when I found out there was a 99p dupe for them I had my eyes peeled and fingers ready to order! They sounded amazing - I mean a 5 pack of lashes for 99p? Heck yeah. Unfortunately for me by the time I got round to ordering they all went out of stock and weren't available on eBay or Amazon (yay me) Luckily for me I managed to  get my hands on one single pair during a photoshoot - they looked so good, natural yet fluffy and flirty (idk why lashes are described as flirty but they were flirty)

Fast forward a couple of months and boom they were back on the market but lil old me was too lazy to order them, I had a bunch of other lashes that I hadn't used so I didn't see the point in ordering until I finished those. And then a few days ago my lash stock ran out and the time finally came to order the miracle lashes. This time round they were bumped up to £1.99 for a 5 pack which I knew would eventually happen since they were selling like hotcakes. 

The lashes above are the ones I purchased from store A, they came in a thin blue casing and came with free tracked delivery! This store also sold a variety of other styles and even sold a few 10 packs of different styles for £2.19

Now because curiosity got the best of me I decided to scroll down and see what other lashes I could find. I ended up stumbling across Store B which sold the same 5 pack lashes but for £1.69 however they used a variety of different images so I wasn't exactly sure what the lashes would look like. They all had the wispy feel to them but had different lash patterns if that makes sense. Since their 10 pack was £2.29 I thought why the heck not and ordered them. When they arrived they were the exact same as the £1.99 ones! Same packaging, same lashes, even the same red A20 sticker on the back. 

Here's what the lashes look like on! Makeup by @official_maiamakeupartistry

So if you're looking for a cheap 5 or 10 pack definitely check out store B but if you're looking for more variety then store A is the place you need to be!

All products and stores are linked in the blog post so you can click and shop. 

Hope this helped you guys and I hope you didn't get bored of my rambling lmao.

Saima ♥



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